The majority of buyers in today’s market want to buy a “move-in ready” home. If you want to sell your home for top dollar, we have numerous construction, renovation, design, staging, landscape and cleaning contacts at our disposal. We will work with these contacts to increase the value of your home. Our simple 3 step process will ensure that when your home is sold you will receive the highest value for your property at no initial cost to you!

Owner of FixIt&ListIt

Owner of FixIt&ListIt

What is in it for you?
Virtually stress free getting ready to list AND You Pocket The Profits!
What is the catch? 

There is none! We work to increase the value & marketability of your home and work to ensure maximum profits for your home!


Two of the most common objections to people selling their home is:
1) They have no time to “get it ready”
2) Their $ is tied up elsewhere

Fix & List It solves both those dilemas! 


Initial Evaluation – $340,000

Renovation Costs – $6,688
Home (Pending) Sale For – $367,000

Home Owner Profit – $20,312





**Fix & List It is not a real estate brokerage and cannot sell your home but is partnered with Wendy Edwards Real Estate a fully licensed realtor.