Testimonial from Toshi

I recently sold my first house using the fix and list it process. I was looking for a way that I could maximise the value of my property without personally bankrolling renovations or pouring my freetime into the process of renovations and preparing a house for sale. Josh and Wendy made the process smooth and pain free. I had three independent real estate agents come through the house and all suggested 350-355 as a sale point. Without a single dollar from my pocket or minute of my personal time Josh and Wendy were able to get 367500 for my house. The extra 12500 dollars in my pocket made all the difference! Fix and list it is the perfect way to maximise the financial potential of your house without having to invest time and money into the process.

~Toshi G.

Testimonial from John & Sandie

The largest hurdle that we encountered in the process of renovating and preparing our home for sale was the fact that it seemed impossible to get a contractor to show up and complete a project in a timely manner.

Fix & List It was able to provide us with professional sub-contractors and Josh Edward’s experience in home renovations were a winning combination.  This allowed us to complete the necessary projects without any cost to us, until closing and offer our home to market for maximum profit.


Joshua’s confidence in completing this project and helping us prepare our home is a testament to the future success of this innovative company.


The idea was simple, the process was fluid and the results were fantastic.


We love Fix & List It.


John & Sandie